The Team


Dane Shea is the CEO and founder. He has a master in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School.

Half American, half Danish with a passion for sustainability and changing society to be more eco-friendly. He is heavily involved in open-source and sustainable design.

He's a former wrestler and he will take you down if you test him.

Kåre Frandsen is a trained cabinetmaker and has a bachlor in Industrial Design from the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Pure Dane who believes that 3D printing will change the world into a more equal and sustainable way of living.

He's Happy bloke who likes to hang out with his wife, daughter and son, loves bouldering, and time outdoors.




Nicolas Aagaard has a bachlor in business from Copenhagen Business School.

He's 100% Danish but insist that he has a flawless American accent. He loves all new technologies and daily comeing up with new business ideas.

He loves lifting weights, gaming and big TV's.

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